Company Profile

A Taiwan-based professional manufacturer and supplier of performance kick starters, gearshift levers, and various parts for motorcycles, Auto State has always devoted itself in product manufacturing and development. To stay at the leading edge of the industry in research and designing, Auto State continues to focus on providing products with the best quality, for we know that the very little detail can be the key driver for the entire bike performance. Furthermore, Auto State develops ultra-light aluminum parts with the combination of stylish exterior, high functionality, and innovative design.
In 2016, Auto State established the Research and Design Department, while at the same time, edging equipment like ZEISS Coordinate Measuring Machine, 3D Scanning Technology, Fatigue Testing Machine, Tensile Testing Machine, Oven Testing Machine, Salt Spray Testing Machine, etc. were also introduced into the company. In addition, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system was integrated with our production process to improve our operating efficiency and to manage our product data base.
Auto State dedicates itself to developing customized motocross and street bike parts. We adopt advanced CNC machining centers in our production and utilize the latest graphics softwares, such as Geomajic Designx, Geomajic Berifg, etc. to analyze various technical data and to cater for growing market demand. The latest hardware and software introduction is a key ingredient for the growth of Auto State’s durable products. Please contact us for more information; we look forward to offering you products with innovative ideas and highest quality.